BNC #175 Silver Sparkle

(Silver Sparkle is not the polish's actual name, which was nowhere to be found on the bottle.)

I was walking around Trinoma when I chanced upon a stall selling Korean BNC polishes for PhP80.00 (USD1.78) each. The salesperson was quite annoying - she kept using hard sell tactics to get me to buy more products, so I didn't stick around very long to look at other shades.

Silver Sparkle is a hexagonal glitter polish much like TFS Nail Pleasure YL702. It can be made opaque in three coats, although it helps to have some sort of polish underneath to fill in the gaps. Here, I used Skin Food PK203 as the base.

I've been looking for a polish to blind people with, and this fits the bill perfectly. :P

Elianto Cutie Pink

This polish's name slightly annoys me, but I like the color nonetheless. It's a light pink similar to Etude House Dear Darling 05, only this has more pink in it (EHDD has a bit more purple).

Three coats.

I'm sorry I haven't been taking bottle shots against a black background lately. No time to set up.