Careline 6, aka Gray

This polish doesn't have a name. Let's call it Gray for now because that's what its color is.

This polish was a breeze to apply! Although not a one-coat wonder, three coats of the polish glided onto my fingers easily.

While the previous picture makes it look like it dried lumpily, the close-up shot tells us otherwise:
Look at that smooth finish!

I've decided: I rather like gray polishes. I'll have to keep my eye out for more!

Bobbie Grass Skirt

I swatched this while I was finishing up my final paper for majors. I didn't have much time to spare, so I only did one finger. I'll post a proper swatch in the future.

This is a yellow-based pale green similar to Skin Food's Melon Milk. Grass Skirt is a bit more muted than Melon Milk, though.

Application using this three-coater was rather lumpy, as you can see in the bottom part.

For all you local shoppers out there, I don't recommend getting this polish if you have access to the Skin Food one.


I'm baack! The typhoons didn't carry me away, but end-of-semester requirements certainly did! I have a rather large backlog of polish pictures now, and I need to finish posting them all!

Here's a pretty everyday color from The Face Shop.

I think this polish was meant for French manis, so it goes on quite sheer. It took me four coats to reach bottle color.
(Sorry about the dryness.)

I like how it makes my hands look super neat and clean.