Calm before the Storm

There isn't anything really stormy about this manicure, but it was the last thing I did at home before getting stranded at school last Saturday thanks to typhoon Ondoy (aka Ketsana).

The school event I went to had red, blue, yellow, white and black as the color scheme, so I painted my nails to match.

I topped the polish off with TFS BK902, then added some tiny stars I got from the local Japanese dollar store.

(Don't worry, I cleaned up the messy spots before I went to school. XD)

I'm safely home now, but there are many others who are still stuck in the flood waters. I'll try to post swatches for this week if I can, but as of now, scheduled posting for Nail Polish Ninja is indefinitely suspended.

Caronia: Mint Frost

I think this green has too much yellow in it to be minty.

I like that it's a two-coater, though.

And it doesn't leave as many noticeable streaks like its blue cousin.

Caronia: Blue Chill

Like its name implies, this polish is an icy frosted blue.

It goes opaque in two coats,

although I don't like the slight streaks it leaves after drying. Must be something wrong with the formula.

Chic: Neon Green

This is a local brand which seems to specialize in neon colors. (At least that's what I observed at the drugstore I visited.) I already had some close matches to most of its shades, except for this vivid green one:

This kind of green reminds me of highlighter ink!

The polish is a jelly, and takes four coats to reach opacity because of that.

What's nice about it is that it dries super quickly even without a quick-dry topcoat.

Elianto: Aqua

Three-coater Aqua is in the same color family as Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bikini Bottom, except this polish has a creme finish and is more vibrant.

The Polish Addict mentioned Color Club Blue Light as a possible relative in her Bikini Bottom review. I'm not very familiar with Color Club polishes, but Aqua certainly seems like a dupe for Blue Light.

The Face Shop: BK902

BK902 really doesn't have any opacity to it - think of it as a super pearly silver topcoat with glitter.

Don't be hating its sheerness though, because it makes for some awesome results!

See how it turned a plain creme like the previously posted BL605 into something blingier:

Pretty, yes? :D

I wonder if it'll work just as well on other colors...

The Face Shop: BL605

Someone up there must have "heard" when I "said" the last line in this entry, because I found a similar shade of much much much better quality!

Look at how smooth and glossy it is in two coats!

The Face Shop's version of this vibrant blue shade is infinitely better. <3

EB: Rhum Spice

This three-coater looks much darker in the bottle than on the nails.

It appears silver at a distance,

but has a hint of lavender up close.

I'm not really feeling this shade. If only it were as dark as I thought it was...

Caronia: Butterscotch

Allow me to begin with a cheesy pun...

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter(scotch)!

In the bottle it has a pale golden brown-orange color very close to the sugary treat, but it turns out more orange on nails:

Eh... it's not so butterscotch-y anymore, but it's still a very pretty three-coater.

Caronia: Orange Pop

This orange looks very vivid in the bottle,

but it doesn't "pop" very much when applied. (Application was awesome in one coat, though.)

Like most orange polishes I own, the color reminds me of candy.

EB: Carrot Cake

Here we have a muted, work-safe coral - at least I think it's coral.

I can't describe what color it is exactly, but I'm definitely sure that isn't what carrot cake looks like.

It's a pretty shade that goes opaque in two coats, though.

Elianto: Deep Sea Green

With all the time I've spent staring at online swatches of the Espana collection, I was half hoping that Deep Sea Green would dupe Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow since it's not available locally. (That's the problem with OPI retailers here - most of the time they just carry reds, pinks and neutrals! :|)

Unfortunately, this polish is more dark blue green than just dark forest green, which HTAT is.

I guess that's more logical, since the polish's name is Deep SEA Green...

although even with the flash turned on, you can't really see much green in it.

Caress: Neon Blue

Here's a local polish in a shade of blue I've never seen in the nail polish world before:

I feel like something's off with this polish, though, even if application was smooth in three coats. Could it be the lack of shine?

But then again, a top coat can always fix that.

Idk, I just feel like there's something wrong with it. I wonder if any other brands have this color?