Calm before the Storm

There isn't anything really stormy about this manicure, but it was the last thing I did at home before getting stranded at school last Saturday thanks to typhoon Ondoy (aka Ketsana).

The school event I went to had red, blue, yellow, white and black as the color scheme, so I painted my nails to match.

I topped the polish off with TFS BK902, then added some tiny stars I got from the local Japanese dollar store.

(Don't worry, I cleaned up the messy spots before I went to school. XD)

I'm safely home now, but there are many others who are still stuck in the flood waters. I'll try to post swatches for this week if I can, but as of now, scheduled posting for Nail Polish Ninja is indefinitely suspended.


gildedangel said...

That is a nice mani, but stay safe!!!

Cacaopack said...

hope all is well, stay safe indeed. take care!

Yumeko said...

stay safe!
i really like tat yellow!!

Lucy said...

This is a really cute manicure. I like skittles.