Turquoise Melon

I'm a little late today because I've run out of scheduled posts.

(LOL forget I said that, I totally forgot it was just Thursday today!)

But really, I have run out of buffer posts. Blame schoolwork for the past few days. I'm happily free now, though. Usually, I swatch polishes every weekend, then schedule them to autopost during the week (mostly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if you've noticed). Because I was busy, however, I wasn't able to make new swatches and take pictures. So today, I'm posting a fresh manicure, one that I just did a couple hours ago:
(Yes, the dot on my ring finger is deliberately done.)

I call it Turquoise Melon because of the polishes I used for it:

That's Elianto Turquoise to the left, and Skin Food Melon Milk to the right. I also used TFS' French Tip liners to make the color divisions.

The Nail Polish Ninja will be on hiatus next week so I can swatch more polishes for the future, including the second half of the Vintage Face Shop series.

Caronia: Pink Passion

I now stand corrected when I said Caronia had only ONE funky color, because here's another one!

It's a one-coater people! The color actually reminds me of Shimmer Pink without the shimmer.

I decided to play around with it and brought out good old YL702 for a bit of bling.

Now it's frosted AND sparkly. XD

The Face Shop: PK103

Pink isn't my favorite color, but for some reason I'm drawn to pink nail polish.

Here we have a bubblegummy, pearly pink with very slight shimmers:
This is a three coater.
I thought of painting it with little black dots and modded French tips, but then it didn't seem like such a good idea anymore after I finished my pinky.
Heh, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Face Shop: Pure Green

I used to wear this turquoise blue-green a lot two years ago. Like yesterday's Hot Pink, it's also very similar to an Elianto polish I previously posted about.

The years have not been kind to this polish. Application was terribly lumpy, which is sad because Fluorescent Orange and Hot Pink weren't.

Still, it looked pretty okay in the end. Hard to put on, though.

In the current line, the closest color to this would be GR502, although that one is shimmery.

Part II of Vintage Face Shop will be posted the week after next. I think I need to grow my nails out a bit more for those colors!

The Face Shop: Hot Pink

Like Elianto, The Face Shop also has a Hot Pink. (Or should that be the other way around, since The Face Shop is much older? XD)

Unlike Elianto's blue-toned creme version, however, theirs is a warm-toned jelly:

Like Fluorescent Orange (and most other TFS polishes), this one reaches "Pretty!" in 3 coats.

In their current line, I suppose this polish's equivalent would be PK106.

The Face Shop: Fluorescent Orange

Welcome to the first half of the Nail Polish Ninja's third polish series! Vintage Face Shop will feature discontinued polishes from The Face Shop's line. These TFS veterans actually have names unlike their newer counterparts!

You know how they say warm colors increase your appetite? Well, this pretty orange jelly makes me want to eat my nails.

Yum. Shiny (and totally edible looking) in three coats.

OR203 is this polish's closest approximate in the current line.

Sneak Peek: Vintage Face Shop I

This two-part series focuses on my very first Face Shop polishes, which I bought at their pioneer branch at Bonifacio High Street way back in 2006.

Their old packaging is very similar to Elianto's, isn't it?

Elianto: Turquoise

The color name pretty much speaks for the polish itself.

Three coater. Kinda streaky initially, but evens out in the end.

Caronia: Desire

Wakey wakey, everyone! Today we have a LOUD Caronia color!
Desire makes me want to eat shiny caramel-coated candy apples, even if they are more brownish in real life.
This, by far, is the most pigmented Caronia polish I've ever swatched. One coater, baby!
Now please excuse me while I pay a visit to the local candy apple confectionery. :3

The Primaries

Red, yellow, blue: the building blocks of all other colors.
Without them, there would be nothing - only black.

Polishes used were:
(FROM LEFT) Orly Spark, Orly Haute Red, Skin Food Pedicure Vita, Wet n Wild Black Creme

Caronia: Princess

If I were my own kind of princess, I would probably wear rainbow-colored manicures every day. If I were a regular, real-life princess, I guess probably would wear this pale, frosted peach.
The last member of the Workplace Wearable series is a sheer, frosted polish with just the slightest hint of shimmer. It's probably best worn over more opaque polishes, but it's alright as a standalone color too. Since it's sheer, however, it takes four coats to make it solid.
This concludes the Workplace Wearable series. I hope you didn't fall asleep from all the neutralness. XD

 Louder colors coming in the next posts!

Caronia: Joy

Oh Joy. No, really. /sarcasm.

The fourth Workplace Wearable just isn't doing it for me. Sure, it's nice, unobtrusive, and perfectly safe to wave around in front of your boss' face, but what about the dermatologists, baking ingredients, and soap operas?

Perhaps this is why I'm not so entertained by this ever-so-slightly-pink three-coater fleshtone: I can't really think of anything to relate it with. It's just so... safe. :|

Caronia: Touch of Ivory

What is with Caronia and "Touch of ____" names? Weird.

Third in the Workplace Wearable series, Touch of Ivory is the love child of Apricot Beige and an off-white polish who does not wish to be named.

Like its stepfather who refuses to acknowledge its existence, it starts off thick and streaky but smoothens out on the third coat.

Why am I channeling soap opera plots? Maybe I'm OD-ing on nail polish fumes? XD


Thanks for this award, Olivia!

I'd like to pass this award on to:

Caronia: Apricot Beige

Apricots are rarely sold in the Philippines, but from what I know, they're more orange-y than beige. Google Image Search says so too (unless my monitor is colorblind :P).

The second Workplace Wearable isn't orangey, but it's a pretty skintone creme with orange-yellow undertones.

Application is veeeeery smooth on this one, as if you were spreading three coats of butter on your nails - caramel-colored butter, that is.

Apricot Beige and Touch of Beige look very similar in the bottle, but as you can see below, AB is much darker than ToB.

Caronia: Touch of Beige

Welcome to Nail Polish Ninja's second polish series! Workplace Wearables will feature... workplace wearables! These are all neutral colors perfect for the working environment, and they're all local polishes too.

To start off, we have Touch of Beige from Caronia, a lovely skintone creme that reminds me of concealer, foundation, and trips to the dermatologist. (Here we go again with my strange analogies! XD)

The polish goes on slightly thickly. It also goes on streakily on the first layer, but smoothens out on the third.

Sneak Peek: Workplace Wearables

Elianto: Dark Purple

This really is a DARK purple!

It's so dark that in just one coat, it looks almost black!

The "purpleness" only shows up in super bright lighting, like so:
but even then I still think it's too dark!

So to fix that, I covered Dark Purple with a layer of Nail Fantasy in No. 40:
I got this sheer warm purple during a family trip to Macau in 2006. At that time, it retailed for 7.00 patacas, which was around PHP45.00. This applies very smoothly, and the only complaint I have is its really strong smell.

There we go, all fixed:

No. 40 made it exactly the kind of dark purple I wanted!

Much, much better. Mmm, eggplant-y. :)

This was also the polish I was wearing in one of my older posts on Stockpiled!

The Face Shop Nail Pleasure: YL702

The Face Shop has recently released a new nail polish line called Nail Pleasure. Polishes in this line retail for almost double the price of their regular polishes (P185.00 = around $4.00) and come in different bottles:
I suppose the price increase comes from the new packaging. Personally, I like the regular bottles better. They're much sleeker looking.

YL702 is a yellow glittery polish that can probably turn opaque after several coats, but for this swatching, I chose to layer it over a really old Covergirl polish I've had since high school:
It's a frosted red called Cabernet. For a 6 year-old polish, it still applies really well.

I was trying to do something like this stock photo I found on deviantART,

but it didn't turn out quite the way I expected. I do like the amount of glitter YL702 has in just one coat, though.

Maybe I'll try this experiment again some other time.