Caronia: Joy

Oh Joy. No, really. /sarcasm.

The fourth Workplace Wearable just isn't doing it for me. Sure, it's nice, unobtrusive, and perfectly safe to wave around in front of your boss' face, but what about the dermatologists, baking ingredients, and soap operas?

Perhaps this is why I'm not so entertained by this ever-so-slightly-pink three-coater fleshtone: I can't really think of anything to relate it with. It's just so... safe. :|


kittyluvscolor said...

lol! when I think joy I'm thinking happy, bright, pretty.....this is none of those things. How funny!

tuli said...

You're right, it is safe, but it is alsoi very delicate and fits to days that you don't have a lot of time :-)

Aura said...

This is actually a better option to use as the base for french manicures, instead of the nude/skin tone polish. This more closely resembles the natural nail color of fair skinned people because it is pink based, not yellow based. :)