All my Skin Food polishes

Merry Christmas!

These are all my polishes from Skin Food.

17 in all!

All my Elianto polishes

These are all my polishes from Elianto.

21 bottles in all!

All my Face Shop polishes

These are all my polishes from The Face Shop.

17 bottles in all!

What a Classmate got me for Christmas

The day before classes ended for the break, we had a little Christmas party complete with randomized gift exchanging. This is what Tin, the classmate who pulled out my name from the pool, got me:

A whole RAINBOW of polishes! <3 I was really touched, since she and I aren't very close and yet she still took the time and effort to get me something awesome.

This green is my favorite out of the ten. It actually has a bit of gold shimmer to it, although it's not noticeable in the bottle.

To show my appreciation for her super sweet gift, I did a mani using 9 out of the 10. (I substituted ColorTrends Platinum Special for the yellow creme so all the polishes would have frosted finishes.)

Megaskittles! (Or Ice Truck Killer bait, if you watch Dexter. :P)

All the polishes (except the light blue) reach bottle color in three coats and dry rather quickly. Thank you, Tin!

Elianto Sparkling Diva: Racing Green

This pretty green comes from Elianto's new Sparkling Diva line. As its name suggests, the polishes in the new line have sparkly finishes.

This Christmas-y color turns opaque in two coats,

and looks stunning in bright light!

Sparkling Diva polishes cost PHP199.00 (around USD4.00) - pretty close to the price range of The Face Shop's Nail Pleasure line.

Skin Food Nail Vita BL511 (Secret Blue)

I found this polish's name through Jellynat's super helpful blog. It's a great resource for the names of Skin Food polishes!

I don't get why this shimmery bright blue is called Secret Blue, though.

This two-coater certainly isn't as blue as the deodorant...

although it is quite close to another Skin Food polish.

L: Secret Blue; R: Blue Sapphire
Secret Blue is shimmery, Blue Sapphire is solid creme

The Face Shop YL702

(The nail swatches in this post are much older than last Friday's Glitter Shine Red. So no, my nails did not magically lengthen over the weekend.)

Yellow there, everybody!

Get it? Yellow... hello? Yeah, I'll stick to being a college student. :P

Anyhow, YL702 is a bright, sunny yellow three-coater.

It applies reasonably well for a yellow polish - the streakiness disappears quite easily once the first coat has dried and the second and third layers are applied. More experienced users will probably even get bottle color in two coats.

Strangely enough, this polish has the exact same color code as another polish from TFS' Nail Pleasure line.

Elianto Glitter Shine Red

Sorry today's post is a little late, been pretty busy lately. O_O

Glitter Shine Red is a dead ringer for China Glaze Ruby Pumps and is also very similar to Essie Ruby Slippers.

I've always loved the look of bright red polish on short nails, and this smooth three-coater is no exception.

I happened to chance upon some really good sunlight when I was swatching this. Lucky!

I usually paint my nails at night since I have to get ready for class in the morning. The text you see under my hand is from my Statistics book. (Blech! XD)

Elianto Brown

I swear this looked like a creme in the bottle! It's actually a brown jelly, how weird is that?

It's a four-coater, but it dries to an impossibly glossy shine that reminds me of chocolate glazed donuts.

Elianto Bisque + Rainbow Stripes

After wearing this psychedelic number all throughout last week (to a good amount of graciously-received compliments, might I add ;D)...
This has got to be the best picture I've ever taken in NPN history so far. I think the lighting is just perfect!

...for this week, I decided to take things down a little with this creamy neutral!
Whoops, forgot to watermark before turning the pic right-side-up!

Neutral colors have usually been difficult to apply in my experience. Not so with two-coater Bisque!
Please excuse the drying skin at the sides of my nails. X_X The weather is getting colder and drier by tropical standards here, and being a sun-loving Southeast Asian unused to lower temperatures, I probably need to hydrate and/or moisturize more!

The formula glides veeeery smoothly - almost like a Skin Food polish - and dries to a highly professional-looking, glossy shine.

Skin Food Milk Creamy Prism Nail: Black Prism

Yes, Skin Food has holos! They come in bottles similar to the Milk Creamy line, except with metallic silver caps.

The polish looks quite similar to OPI My Private Jet, although MPJ seems to have bigger particles.

Black Prism appears asphalt gray under fluorescent light,

but under sunlight is where it really shines!

Skin Food Juice Tox #7

I've been singing praises to Skin Food's polishes ever since I started posting about them. Until NOW, that is.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ever buy anything from their Juice Tox line.

#7 looks adorable enough in the bottle,

and sets in with a silky smooth satiny finish that looks more purple under bright light,


I first tested the infernal polish two weeks ago, Sunday morning. Take note, MORNING. I went about my day, then settled off to sleep. (At night, obviously. :P) I didn't have to go out in public anyway, so I didn't clean up the mani in the shower. The next day, I awake to this mess:
bed sheet marks EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

Yesterday I tried salvaging what I could from this difficult product. Top coats didn't work on it either, so I painted it over a layer of last week's similarly-colored French Kiss. Doing that seems to have fixed the not-drying problem. Here's what it looks like today:

Eh, I guess that's alright. I won't be buying any more Juice Toxes in the future, though.

Skin Food Nail Vita BL509 (Hami Melon Milk)

Thank you to Nathalie for tracking down this polish's name! Hami melons are a type of melon indigenous to China.

Three-coater BL509 looks like it could be Essie Mint Candy Apple's frosted cousin!

However, it does have more yellow in it than the Essie polish. Check out gildedangel's swatch to see the difference.

Skin Food Pedicure Vita: Mai Tai

This one-coater is named after the red version of the cocktail drink. I think it captures the color nicely.

I don't think it photographs very well on me, though. It's a cute fruity red in person but it looks absolutely lurid in these shots. :|

Skin Food Pedicure Vita: French Kiss

I fail to see why this blurple is called French Kiss, but it's a pretty color anyway.


Skin Food Pedicure Vita: Midori Shower

Yes, this Skin Food polish has a name! (I finally found a website listing most of SF's polish names! It does a much better job than the official site LOL)

Midori is Japanese for green, so I guess that would make this polish a "green shower"? Take note that Skin Food is a Korean brand and not a Japanese one, however.

As with most polishes from this brand, Midori Shower applies veeery smoothly in two coats - not at all like the lumpy disaster that was Elianto Lemon Green.

The polish also has some shimmers in it, but they're hardly noticeable. Can you see them below?

Elianto Khaki Pearl

MAJOR ERROR: You might remember from a while back that I posted another Elianto polish called Khaki Pearl. Well, that color was really Goldish Brown - much more appropriate for it. Since the colors are quite similar, I got the names mixed up!

This two-coater does remind me of khaki,

and it is kind of "pearly" (more of frosty IMO, but whatever floats Elianto's boat),

so maybe that's why they named it Khaki Pearl? Har har, way to state the obvious, Elianto.

Elianto Shimmer Violet

Here we have a shimmery pink-violet that's great on its own and for layering.

The polish is layered over TFS BL605 on my ring finger. The bright blue from that polish makes Shimmer Violet closer to the blue side of the spectrum.

It's a three-coater alone and a two-coater when layered.

The Black Russian Dupe

(aka My Halloween Mani)

RBL's Black Russian is at the top of my list of dream polishes. Red glitter on a blackish burgundy base is such an awesome combination! I'm not too keen on paying a whopping $18.00 plus shipping for just ONE measly bottle of polish though, so the real thing will have to stay a dream (for now LOL).

This is what I wore to a small Halloween gathering last Saturday:

Already pretty close to the original, yes? Wait til you see it with a layer of Elianto's Grape Wine:

So ladies, do we have a dupe or DO WE HAVE A DUPE? :D

If you're not convinced yet, have a look at the swatch of the real thing here.

This "dupery" was made possible with two coats of Orly Goth topped with a layer of Winmax Nail Enamel #11, and of course, finished off with Grape Wine.