All my Elianto polishes

These are all my polishes from Elianto.

21 bottles in all!


Cacaopack said...

Merry Christmas dear!

Oh wow, it is so nice to see shots of your polishes grouped by brands.

I read and saw swatches of Elianto's Indigo Shine and I have been wanting that! lol. We do have Elianto here but very few counters and not one near me. I definitely will be grabbing some when I cross the border to Malaysia next month :)

mintshake said...

hi! i was searching for the line of my nail palish to end up in your site.. wow!!! you got a lot of elianto!! i collect them myself... find it really cute.. just so happen that i must start anew... during the typhoon, we surprisingly were affected.. and all my elianto nail polishes vanished... so i have to start collecting again...