Skin Food Nail Vita BL511 (Secret Blue)

I found this polish's name through Jellynat's super helpful blog. It's a great resource for the names of Skin Food polishes!

I don't get why this shimmery bright blue is called Secret Blue, though.

This two-coater certainly isn't as blue as the deodorant...

although it is quite close to another Skin Food polish.

L: Secret Blue; R: Blue Sapphire
Secret Blue is shimmery, Blue Sapphire is solid creme


nathalie said...

Aww, thank you so much. <3

It's a long work, searching on chinese auction websites and translating what I find after. Thanks to Google Translate cause I don't speak Chinese. :P

I'm not the biggest blue polish fan, I'm more into green and purple but I quite love this shimmery blue. At least it fits you very well!

Nina said...

Hi Angie! I didn't notice you had another blog. I've been reading tons of nail polish blogs dedicated to Western brands that I never thought that Asian brands are this good! Thanks for being an eye opener. I'm noting all the colors I like from your posts and will be on the lookout for them when I hit the stores! :)