OPI Conquistadorable Color

We interrupt our regular schedule of Asian polishes for this awesome pink-red from OPI's Espana collection!

(OPI polishes retail for PHP395.00, which is roughtly USD7.00.)

The problem with red polishes in my corner of the globe is that they're either very very bright or very very dark. Conquistadorable Color balances the light-dark spectrum perfectly, and is quite unlike any Eastern polish I've seen so far.

(This application was two coats.)

What I like best about this polish is that you can never really tell if it's pinkish red or reddish pink when the light hits it. It's fun to keep people guessing!

Elianto: Red Violet

I missed seeing my actual fingertips, so I cut my nails short. :P

Elianto comes up with some pretty strange (remember Ironic Pearl?) and uncreative names. Today's shimmery polish, which they call Red Violet, falls under the latter category. Still, it gets the job done describing the color - but only very slightly.

I can see hints of it, though I don't think there's very much violet in this red. Do you?

I was already happy with one coat, but I'm sure a richer color (with more shimmer) can be achieved with more.

Boring name aside, I'm definitely going to experiment with this color again.

The Face Shop: GL111

This is a beautiful, pale shimmery/frosted  yellow-gold similar to last week's BR803.

I love the sparkle distribution on this one!

Three-coater, btw.

Also, because I am a sucker for blogs that poke fun at things, I highly recommend visiting Stupid Nail Polish Names. Thanks to Deez Nails for mentioning this awesomely funny blog!

(Shame it hasn't updated in a while, though.)

Bobbie: Mistletoe Kiss

My country doesn't practice kissing under the mistletoe during the Christmas season, but we know a lot about it thanks to mass media.

I think this is a lovely deep green perfect not only just during Christmasttime, but all the time.

This polish is a two-coater.

Color Theory in Flowers

The Color Wheel was the main inspiration for today's experiment. I used blue and violet as the base colors then added flower stickers in orange and yellow, their respective color complements.

The blue polish is an unnamed, unnumbered Skin Food polish that I nicknamed Electric Blue, while the purple polish is Nail Fantasy No. 40.

While I was doing this, I noticed that most of my nail stickers were flower-themed. I need to get more variety!

The Face Shop: BR803

I love how this super frosted polish  makes my fingers glow!

I don't really know what color to call this four-coater, actually. Pale silver-gold with a tiny touch of beige-brown?

The Face Shop: OR202

Here's a pretty nearly-peach orange with some subtle shimmers:

It reminds me of candy somehow.

The Face Shop: Deep Blue Pearl

The last of the six VFS polishes is a lovely deep metallic blue that reminds me of sapphires.

Application was very smooth, and it reached a luxurious opacity in three coats.

I felt like making it more blingy, so I added stickers. :P

BL604 should be the closest match to this in the current line, but the website's photo doesn't do it much justice.

The Face Shop: Red Sparkle

The second polish in Vintage Face Shop II is a super cute red jelly glitter. Jelly polishes and glitter polishes are already awesome enough on their own, but I think they're even more amazing when combined.

It's quite sheer, unlike Skin Food's one-coat-wonder glitterbombs,

but it builds up very nicely in three coats.

In their current line, the closest polish to this would have to be OR204.

The Face Shop: Pale Yellow

The first polish in part II of the Vintage Face Shop series is a pale, shimmery yellow:

It's very sheer, so I layered it over Orly Spark.

After three coats, it ended up looking like Bobbie Pinacolada.

Now I'm wondering why I even bought Pinacolada in the first place if I could already replicate it with polishes already in my stash. LOL, it's a classic case of impulse buying!