Elianto: Red Violet

I missed seeing my actual fingertips, so I cut my nails short. :P

Elianto comes up with some pretty strange (remember Ironic Pearl?) and uncreative names. Today's shimmery polish, which they call Red Violet, falls under the latter category. Still, it gets the job done describing the color - but only very slightly.

I can see hints of it, though I don't think there's very much violet in this red. Do you?

I was already happy with one coat, but I'm sure a richer color (with more shimmer) can be achieved with more.

Boring name aside, I'm definitely going to experiment with this color again.


gildedangel said...

That is a pretty color, although I would never call it red violet.

kittyluvscolor said...

I think this would look prettier with two coats. Very nice color!

Lucy said...

Do you like your nails very short? Pretty color on you.

Angie said...

^Lucy: Not all the time. Hahaha, it depends on what I feel like.

Cacaopack said...

funny, i don't see any hue of red nor violet, more of a pink to me? perhaps is my monitor? LOL