The Face Shop: Pale Yellow

The first polish in part II of the Vintage Face Shop series is a pale, shimmery yellow:

It's very sheer, so I layered it over Orly Spark.

After three coats, it ended up looking like Bobbie Pinacolada.

Now I'm wondering why I even bought Pinacolada in the first place if I could already replicate it with polishes already in my stash. LOL, it's a classic case of impulse buying!


Lucy said...

Pretty color yellow on you. I hate when you buy polish and it's not what you want. I hate shear polish!

SOFiA! said...

Aww. My favoritest (HAHA) color ever! I'mma buy this one. ;)

Angie said...

^Sofia, they don't sell it at their stores anymore. This polish is part of their old line, I'm afraid. :(