Bobbie Pinacolada

This is a frosted, buttery yellow. (I must have been channeling Brooke's ebay post when I bought this!)

Application (3 coats) was smooth, but drying was pretty weird. There were bumps all over when the polish had finally finished drying. Maybe I didn't wait enough for the polish to set in between coats?

Such a pretty color, though.


kittyluvscolor said...

I love yellows! Yeah that's wierd. Maybe your right more time between coats might make things better...IDK?

Tuli said...

This one reminds me more a pineapple rether than usually don't get along with yellows, but I have to say that this color fit you well :-)
About the application, maybe next time it's worth to wait a bit more between one coat to another, as you wrote....