Orly Tennis, Anyone?

I'm currently interning for my professor and I noticed he was a bit distracted with my nails last week, so I decided to tone it down this week. This is an old polish from Orly's Spring 2009 Prepster collection.

For a sheer polish, this isn't much trouble to apply. I used three coats below.

Can you see the nail stickers? I put them on to make the mani a bit more interesting (so I won't get tempted to switch to a louder color LOL).

The Face Shop OR205

This is last week's mani. Have I ever mentioned that orange is my favorite color?

OR205 is a bright neon creme that reaches full opacity in three coats.

Etude House Dear Darling Nails #05 (Pink)

I'm alive! I haven't forgotten about this blog or Stockpiled!, it's just that I've been very busy with school and real life for the past few months. (And I still am. T_T)

I have a huge backlog of polishes to upload now, and that doesn't even include the new ones Caronia Philippines so very kindly sent me last week. (Thanks again, Caronia! I'll be sure to swatch them as soon as I can!)

This pretty pale pink is currently what I have on my hands. I'd swatch more but... TIME T_T

05 is a two-coater, but I put on three coats because I am nitpicky that way. :P

Polishes from Etude House's Dear Darling line cost (correct me if I'm wrong, I can't remember if it was 198 or 148) PhP198.00, which is roughly $3.00.