Elianto: Lime Green

First it was Lemon Green, now we have Lime Green!

I think this is a very fun shade, although maybe it would be better suited for the toes.

This turns opaque in 2 coats.

On Bottle Shots

Since the matter was raised, I think it's redundant for me to post bottle shots of the three brands I often blog about. I already have pictures of what their bottles look like on their Brand Info pages, and their official websites already have good pictures too. Thus, I am only going to post bottle shots IF :
  1. the polish brand is NOT Elianto, TFS, or Skin Food
  2. the polish bottle is unique
  3. the polish looks different on the nails and in the bottle
  4. the polish is part of a series
Now that that's been explained, back to the nail polish!

The Face Shop: PP405

Shimmery fuschia pink!

Three coats gets you bottle color.

I think my issues with Blogger are fixed at last. Posting and commenting run smoothly now.

Elianto: Ironic Pearl

If robots wore nail polish, they'd probably go with this one.

Three coats gets you this uber-techy silvery blue-gray color.

I would have named it something like Android, though. What in the world is an "ironic pearl"?

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Elianto: Lemon Green (repost)

Sorry, had to repost because Blogger was screwing with yesterday's post. Comments for this ended up in earlier blog posts. X_X

This reminds me more of Granny Smith apples than it reminds me of unripe lemons, actually.

This color is more sheer (sheerer?) than the rest of the Elianto polishes I have, so I used three thick coats to get it solid. Luckily, it still dried evenly despite the thickness.

Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle: #09 Sparkle Red

This polish is more sparkly PINK than it is sparkly red, actually, BUT...

so far, it's the blingiest, sparkliest polish I've ever had the pleasure of owning! Look at that SHINE! And it's a one-coater too. (Besides, I think I'd go blind if I put on another coat!)

I can even see my blurred reflection on these when I wiggle my fingers around! (Sadly, I couldn't capture that on camera properly, so you'll have to take my word for it. Dun worreh, ninjas never lie! XD)


Skin Food's Pedicure Sparkle line retails for PHP375.00, which is close to USD8.00.

Caronia: Dare

So far, this is the only Caronia color that DAREs to be funkier than the rest of its red-pink-neutral brothers and sisters. (Forgive the horrible humor - I couldn't resist! XD)

This was still pretty sheer at 2 coats, so I peg this one as a 3-coater.

The color reminds me of sea mysteries, like the city of Atlantis and Krakens. Blame my overactive imagination. :P

Careline Classics Paris: Pink Lilac

This polish comes in a larger size, but I chose to buy the smaller version because it was cuter. :P It looks medium pink in the bottle but is actually darker in person.

All I needed to get this color was two coats.

I like how this color straddles the fence between formal and funky.

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Elianto: Goldish Brown

ETA 10/21/09: Seems I called this polish the wrong name! This isn't Khaki Pearl, it's Goldish Brown.

This lovely lovely brass-copper shade reminds me of steampunk, my favorite alternative culture. Bring on the goggles and airships and steam-powered robots!

Two coats.

Also, Girl Genius is an awesome steampunk webcomic.

Ever Bilena: Strawberry

Rounding off the Pastel Rainbow is local brand Ever Bilena's Strawberry, a baby pink that reminds me of... well, babies.

Like Elianto's Thistle, I had to paint four coats of this to keep up with the Skin Food polishes' pigmentation. Two is the magic bottle color number, though.

This concludes the Pastel Rainbow series. I hope you enjoyed it!

Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail: OR004

Meet the fourth member of the Pastel Rainbow: OR004, also known as Corn Soup Milk. Pretty strange name for nail polish, huh? I think something like Banana Milk would've been better, but that's just me. :P

You guessed it - this is a corn-colored pastel yellow. Honestly, it reminds me of bananas, not corn. And yes, it's also a three-coater like its brother and sister.

Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail: BL002

I like this polish's other alias: Melon Milk. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

This green - third in the Pastel Rainbow- reminds me of the LGMs from Toy Story. Oooooh...

As with Ice, 3 coats were needed for bottle color.

In other Asian polish news, I recently emailed Etude House regarding the opening of branches in my country. They replied that they were already planning for a Manila store later this year. Hopefully they set up shop very soon! <3

Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail: BL001

Today we have the second polish in the Pastel Rainbow series: a very pale blue called Ice from Skin Food. (Yes, it actually has an official name!) It comes from the brand's Milk Creamy Nail line, which offers pastel shades and comes in very adorable packaging:

Isn't the bottle cute? :D Of course, with a different formula and container, polish from the Milk Creamy Nail line is more expensive than the regular Nail/Pedicure Vita lines. One bottle costs PHP325.00, which is about $7.00.

Polishes from this line also take longer to apply than their plain-bottled cousins. It took me three coats to reach bottle color.

Elianto: Thistle

This is the first polish from yesterday's Pastel Rainbow. It's a very pale lavender that somehow reminds me of unicorns. Go figure.

As with most of Elianto's colors, three coats was enough to reach bottle color, but I used four because it looked washed out next to the other polishes.

Sneak Peek: Pastel Rainbow

A preview of the polishes to come:

Skin Food Nail Vita: BR611

Here we have another one-coat wonder, this time in chocolate brown:

I used two coats for this swatch, though, because I wanted to make the brown look richer. Mmm, chocolate...

Elianto: Hot Pink

Today was the first day of enrollment for this year's first semester at my university. Sooooo, I decided to show off some school spirit by sporting a manicure using the school color:
hot pink!

Just kidding. My real school colors are maroon and green - rather Christmas-y colors, aren't they? I really would love to know about an actual school that uses pink as its official color, though. :P

2 coats gets you bottle color. Shiiiiiinyyyyy.

Skin Food Nail Vita: OR308

Hello yellow!

This yellow is slightly more on the orange side than it is on the green, unlike the Pinacolada I swatched in the past. Two coats gets it to bottle color, although application is rather goopy. Bleh. I need to buy polish thinner for this.

Skin Food Nail Vita: OR307

Shimmery orange coming through!

Only two coats necessary for bottle color.