Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail: OR004

Meet the fourth member of the Pastel Rainbow: OR004, also known as Corn Soup Milk. Pretty strange name for nail polish, huh? I think something like Banana Milk would've been better, but that's just me. :P

You guessed it - this is a corn-colored pastel yellow. Honestly, it reminds me of bananas, not corn. And yes, it's also a three-coater like its brother and sister.


tuli said...

What a cute bottle and funny name :-)
I also think that a name with "banana" would have gone better, but I also have to say, that it does reminds me

I love corn !!

Olivia C. said...

This one is also very pretty.
I also think Banana would have been a better name! lol!

Natalie said...

It does look more like banana I love this yellow!