OPI Conquistadorable Color

We interrupt our regular schedule of Asian polishes for this awesome pink-red from OPI's Espana collection!

(OPI polishes retail for PHP395.00, which is roughtly USD7.00.)

The problem with red polishes in my corner of the globe is that they're either very very bright or very very dark. Conquistadorable Color balances the light-dark spectrum perfectly, and is quite unlike any Eastern polish I've seen so far.

(This application was two coats.)

What I like best about this polish is that you can never really tell if it's pinkish red or reddish pink when the light hits it. It's fun to keep people guessing!


gildedangel said...

It is a gorgeous color, and it looks really nice on you!

Louie said...

lovely red :D how much is opi?

Angie said...


Lucy said...

Very pretty red. Love it on you.