The Black Russian Dupe

(aka My Halloween Mani)

RBL's Black Russian is at the top of my list of dream polishes. Red glitter on a blackish burgundy base is such an awesome combination! I'm not too keen on paying a whopping $18.00 plus shipping for just ONE measly bottle of polish though, so the real thing will have to stay a dream (for now LOL).

This is what I wore to a small Halloween gathering last Saturday:

Already pretty close to the original, yes? Wait til you see it with a layer of Elianto's Grape Wine:

So ladies, do we have a dupe or DO WE HAVE A DUPE? :D

If you're not convinced yet, have a look at the swatch of the real thing here.

This "dupery" was made possible with two coats of Orly Goth topped with a layer of Winmax Nail Enamel #11, and of course, finished off with Grape Wine.


gildedangel said...

That looks so pretty!!!

// krissy ♥ said...

that is a sexy shade! Ü

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

this is really pretty

$18 bucks for polish is rediculous!

Lucy said...

Very pretty!