The Face Shop: Pure Green

I used to wear this turquoise blue-green a lot two years ago. Like yesterday's Hot Pink, it's also very similar to an Elianto polish I previously posted about.

The years have not been kind to this polish. Application was terribly lumpy, which is sad because Fluorescent Orange and Hot Pink weren't.

Still, it looked pretty okay in the end. Hard to put on, though.

In the current line, the closest color to this would be GR502, although that one is shimmery.

Part II of Vintage Face Shop will be posted the week after next. I think I need to grow my nails out a bit more for those colors!


kittyluvscolor said...

Another pretty color, sounds like you need so thinner!

Lucy said...

Polish thinner should fix that baby up quick. It's a pretty color and a shame to not thin it out.

tuli said...

This is a pretty color, reminds me of Misa Dirty Sexy Money