The Face Shop: PK103

Pink isn't my favorite color, but for some reason I'm drawn to pink nail polish.

Here we have a bubblegummy, pearly pink with very slight shimmers:
This is a three coater.
I thought of painting it with little black dots and modded French tips, but then it didn't seem like such a good idea anymore after I finished my pinky.
Heh, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Inbal said...

it's so much like my NOTD.. LOL I'm not wearing this kind of pink usually, but maybe I should.
The french looks fine to me :-) maybe not so many dots and it will look great.

Danielle said...

Pretty flirty pink. I may have to check this polish out at The Face Shop near me! I love that shop! <3

The Princess said...

I really like the pink color and the black tip with dots . You go girl!

Lucy said...

This is a pretty girly pink. I agree with Inbal, too many dots.