The Smiley Mani

Happy new year! Manigong bagong taon!

I've wanted to do one of these ever since I saw one of the blogs on my blogroll do this ages ago. (I'm sorry, I was pretty sure I saw it on The Princess of Polish but when I got there, I couldn't find it anymore. Please do let me know if you were the one who did the smiley mani!)

Instead of just happy yellow smileys, I did sad blue smileys (Saddies? Haha what do you call them?) on my middle fingers. Why are they inverted? This is a wholesome family blog, you figure it out. >:D

Aside from old faithful Wet n' Wild black creme, the polishes responsible for this were Etude House GR601 and YL802. I haven't been able to make proper swatch posts for them yet because I'm running low on my favorite nail polish remover. Must conserve!

This mani seems to bring up the most amusing coincidences:

  • When I looked at today's paper, the astrology section said 2010's lucky colors were yellow and light blue. My mani is yellow and blue green. Haha close enough!
  •  One of my favorite nail blogs, The Daily Nail, did a smiley mani too! (Hers is infinitely better, though. :D)


Ida said...

haha cute! :)

// krissy ♥ said...

That's so cute! :D
Happy new year!

nathalie said...

It's so cute!

Aren't those Etude bottles lovely? I very love them, they're very feminine and have a "boudoir" feel I adore. Anyway thank you a whole lots, I wanted to see how Pop Green Slush was looking in real life. :)

Happy new year, lady. :)

gildedangel said...

Very cute; I love it!

Maria said...

That's so creative and cute! I think I might try it soon! :)