Elianto Glitter Shine Red

Sorry today's post is a little late, been pretty busy lately. O_O

Glitter Shine Red is a dead ringer for China Glaze Ruby Pumps and is also very similar to Essie Ruby Slippers.

I've always loved the look of bright red polish on short nails, and this smooth three-coater is no exception.

I happened to chance upon some really good sunlight when I was swatching this. Lucky!

I usually paint my nails at night since I have to get ready for class in the morning. The text you see under my hand is from my Statistics book. (Blech! XD)


gildedangel said...

What a beautiful color!

MissK said...

Pretty color that is..
Man, I HATE ILOILO FOR BEING SO LIMITED! WHEN CAN WE HAVE ELIANTO HERE? I'm interested with their nail polishes! :)

Oh, Statistics.. I almost failed in that subject.. Although it's almost easy just as long as you PERFECTLY memorized ALL absolutely long formulas since isang mistake lng, lahat na mali!