The Face Shop YL702

(The nail swatches in this post are much older than last Friday's Glitter Shine Red. So no, my nails did not magically lengthen over the weekend.)

Yellow there, everybody!

Get it? Yellow... hello? Yeah, I'll stick to being a college student. :P

Anyhow, YL702 is a bright, sunny yellow three-coater.

It applies reasonably well for a yellow polish - the streakiness disappears quite easily once the first coat has dried and the second and third layers are applied. More experienced users will probably even get bottle color in two coats.

Strangely enough, this polish has the exact same color code as another polish from TFS' Nail Pleasure line.


gildedangel said...

What a gorgeous yellow!

Brooke said...

very pretty!! I'm wearing yellow polish today too :)

Nina said...

I have this one too! Sadly my bottle didn't last because it thickened up quickly.

makeupbykatie said...

So bright! I love it hahaha