Elianto: Dark Purple

This really is a DARK purple!

It's so dark that in just one coat, it looks almost black!

The "purpleness" only shows up in super bright lighting, like so:
but even then I still think it's too dark!

So to fix that, I covered Dark Purple with a layer of Nail Fantasy in No. 40:
I got this sheer warm purple during a family trip to Macau in 2006. At that time, it retailed for 7.00 patacas, which was around PHP45.00. This applies very smoothly, and the only complaint I have is its really strong smell.

There we go, all fixed:

No. 40 made it exactly the kind of dark purple I wanted!

Much, much better. Mmm, eggplant-y. :)

This was also the polish I was wearing in one of my older posts on Stockpiled!


Olivia C. said...

Oooh. Very pretty! :)

MissK said...

If you layer a coat of Sansan Amethyst over any black nail polish it looks a bit like Elianto Dark Purple :)